Amanda + Tyler Wedding Film
03 Oct 2018

Amanda + Tyler Wedding Film

03 Oct 2018

Amanda + Tyler. Married.
When I’m filming I can tell when a moment is THAT moment which makes a wedding film so much more meaningful. The father’s toast brought tears to most and I knew immediately I wanted to make that the focus of this film. The bond between Amanda and her father is truly visible.

Amanda and Tyler, like all of our clients, were very easy to work with; I couldn’t be more happy.

Behind the Scenes
We used 2 Sony A7SII’s for this wedding film with a range of prime & zoom lenses and we captured all our audio on a Zoom H4N. The Ronin-M is our go to stabilizer for almost all our weddings & projects. Though it’s heavy, the smooth moving shots are breathtaking. If you have any BTS questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Cinematographers: Jeffrey Zoss & Edin Begic
Editor: Jeffrey Zoss

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