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James Valley Landscaping Solutions: Apprenticeship Program Ad Shoot

Earlier this January, we got the chance to film with James Valley Landscaping Solutions for their Apprenticeship Program. The program helps local students that do not know what they want to do after high school with the opportunity to find a career in the field of landscaping. We interviewed a few of the employees with Carey Grosdidier at James Valley Landscaping Solutions on the benefits of this great opportunity.

The location of this shoot took place in the greenhouse at James Valley Landscaping Solutions. A very simple set up: We used a Sony FS5II as our main cam on a Manfrotto tripod and a Sony a7SII as our second cam which was on a Manfrotto monopod. The natural lighting in the green house was great, but the sun started to creep through as its position got higher throughout the day. We hung a reflector from one of the beams to help diffuse the harsh lighting from the sun as seen in the photo above. All of our audio was captured overhead on the Rode NTG4+ wired straight to the FS5. We moved all of the subjects around the greenhouse set for every 4th interviewee so that the background was unique. Check out the ads below.

  • Andy, Landscape Sales

  • Andy, Lawn Sales Technician

  • Ben, Maintenance Foreman

  • Tate, Landscape Foreman