Devil’s Gulch Park
Garretson, South Dakota

Map of Planned Filming

Map of Planned Filming


Director/Cinematographer: Jeffrey Zoss
Camera Assistant: Mario Cernas
Actress: Asia Andersen
Personal Assistant: Jamie Campbell
Grip: Raheem Rice
Pyro Tech: Shawn Knudson

Special Equipment List

CHAUVET Professional AMHAZE STADIUM w/ water-based fluid 
CHAUVET DJ Nimbus w/ (2) 48QT of Dry Ice
(2) 2000w Honda Generators

Tentative Schedule

May 23rd 2019

Music Video Scope

Time of Day: Early Evening around 6pm
Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Establishing drone shot of dark forest. We see a girl standing away from the camera with something burning behind her. It’s barely distinguishable. Close up shot of the flame going out. The camera focuses on her face full of tears. She slowly falls to her knees. Hair in the face. She begins throwing a temper tantrum in the forest. Throwing sticks and leaves and dirt. Clawing at the ground. A husky is seen watching her. Macro shot of husky eyes. Cutting back the girl but we see the husky in the background blurred. Cool Quicks Cuts of what she sees and macro shots of tears and screaming and her tore up shirt. Mix cool running shots find a good place to fit. Shot from above as she’s on the ground looking up at the camera. Static shot from behind her she’s suddenly stops (end of drop) and looks to her right. She gets up and walks right until off frame. Forward follow shot close up eyes. We see that the girl sees a yellow flower in the shadows. She continues to slowly walk up. Shot of her emotion changing. She smiles with her mood getting better. she likes the flower. The flower makes her happy. It's the only thing that calms her down. Right before the drop she stares at it and it cuts between the flower and a macro of her eyes. She starts the flower on fire killing the only thing that made her happy. We see a macro shot of her watery eyes as well as the fire growing in her eyes. Cut to black.

Tech Scope

We are only using 1 location to film a majority of the video next to the creek by the rocks as shown in the concept video above. It’s a bit enclosed which is what we like for the haze and dry ice clouds. We will haze the area up a little bit before filming a scene to create a fog effect and release the dry ice clouds along with it. The dry ice clouds create a low drifting fog effect. I’ve provided an example below. The running shots will be filmed near by with tall grass with light or no hazing. The haze is water based. We will have lighting on site to light the scene. All equipment above will need to be run off a gas generator.

There is 2 scenes with a small fire. I will have a fire expert with a fire extinguisher to control the flame if need be. The flame will be extremely small as you can read above, but I will make all precautions necessary or required. The beginning scene we will light a yellow daffodil on fire and place it behind the actress and let it die out naturally on dirt floor. Since the flower will actually light on fire we will spritz lighter fluid on it from a spray bottle and ensure that the fluid make contact with the flower only by using a large piece of cardboard to spritz on. We will then move the cardboard out of scene more than 50ft away. The other scene the model lights another daffodil on fire, we will use the same method but spritz a lesser amount only on the top of this flower. This will prevent any fluid making contact with her hands.

The dog used in the production is a Siberian Husky. A handler will have him on a lead for his scene and then dropped back off his home once the scene is filmed. We will be doing special post production work to make it look like he is not on a lead nor has a collar.

Dry Ice Machine Example